Not guilty

I should have wrote this last night but sleep hit me faster than I anticipated.

The closing speech against me was horrible, damning, I would have jailed myself with the pictures and what they were saying against me.

The jury took around 2 hours to return a majority verdict of not guilty on all charges.

I feel terrible for my parents for having to have went through that to offer me support. I left the dock and hugged my mum, everyone smiled, nearly all the jury, the judge, the police in court and all the clerks.

I gave my lawyer 2 psychology books before the trial started and told him he is amazing at his job and a dangerous man in court. He was genuinely slightly shocked at a proper gift from a client and especially to receive it when there didn’t look like any hope to win the case.

My lawyer was ecstatic too, winning this case in the way he did will be a huge boost to his career and his own ego as well no doubt. He made a passing comment about being an amateur psychologist the day before the jury decide and next day received two books, one over 30 years old and hard to find that will be of genuine interest and gain to his career that he had never heard of so I’m confident I left a lasting mark on his life and he will remember me as one of the “one in a million” cases you hear about.

The trial itself was a spectacle because of the accuser, people were speaking about his outbursts and way he was acting every day I was there. Apparently they will for years.

When I was sitting waiting for the answer from the jury I was prepared for jail, the day before my lawyer said if you are found guilty you must be prepared so. Ring a bad with casual clothes and some money for being remanded till they decide my sentence. That must have been horrible for my parents, to watch me stand with my things knowing the only reason I have them is because I’m going to get over 3 years in jail. My dad looked the worst I think. Not nice.

I had no reaction to the decision. I felt relieved, but not what I would call happy. Later that night tho I lay back on the couch about half past 9 and the smile just waved over my face and happiness came.

Now i can think about things like holidays and investing more time and money into my business and stuff. Perhaps a trip to Canada to see the snow and 10 mile bridge, I would like that.

Anyway I’m in the bath so going to finish here so I can put my hands in the water and make it hot, really hot and lie back till I’m sooooo wrinkly I feel like I’m 9 again.

Love from Scotland x


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