Point of law

Well the day is finally over and it might well be my last night in this bed.

The jury will decide my future from tomorrow. If it’s quick it will take them under an hour, if it’s long it could take up to 2 days. I reckon quick and I’ll have a decision before or just after lunch tomorrow. Guilty, but I’ve got to prepare for the worst.

Right where do I start about a jury trial in a Scottish court.  It’s much like any countries court, judges stand up the top of the court with a table below and in front for the lawyers and then the dock for the accused. Behind that is the seating area for the public and main doors into the court room. On one side of the lawyers table there is a small raised and boxed in, single seat called a witnes box for any one witness to be cross examined. On the other side of the lawyers table there is the 15 seats spread across 2 rows for the jury to sit and spectate the proceeding.

Day 1 starts and they call the other party/ accuser to the witness box and the prosecuting lawyer (procurator) questions him about his version of events, basically guiding him through it as he goes so he can’t make any mistakes. After that my lawyer proceeds to question him but i have to say my lawyer is not a very nice man in court, he basically makes a living tearing people new ass holes in the middle of a court room while maintaining full respect of everyone else there. He’s fucking amazing to watch and can’t do him justice.  He guides the accuser to several outbursts in court and making him admit several things throughout the course of about 35 minutes of interrogation, the accuser ended up having a police officer placed at his box for fear of what he might do and had him caught out for lying in court. Then they called 2 police officers who confirmed they attended the scene of the incident after it happened. Then 3 other witnesses with different and conflicting stories and that was the end of day 1, or actually day 2. It officially started on Friday but that only had them picking the 15 strong jury from a ballot of 30 and having everything ready to start properly for Monday.

So back to day 2 or today to be clearer.

Today was one other police officer being questioned and then my witness to state that I had a valid reason for having the stanly blade and confirming I was at work that morning and not waiting to ambush the accuser so the meeting must have been by chance and not a pre planned attack.

After that it was my turn, this whole thing has been pretty stressful, and long at over a year since it happened. I managed to do well in the witness stand under cross examination, kept my cool, clear with answers and not evasive or aggressive in any way, more to the point I never accepted liability for the second knife he claims I had used to stab him in the neck, which is much harder than you would think with someone who’s career is tripping people up and making them admit things they might not have even done.

So they finished up questioning me then both lawyers give a closing speech.

Procurator first, he does a great job at making me sound like a loony who needs the jail for public safety before someone is killed by me, it was agonising to sit through.

My defence lawyer then gave his closing speech, he said before at would probably be 10 mins long, he raised and spoke for about 40-45 mins, he really did more than I expected and could of even hoped for, highlited every caught out lie and emphasised why not to listen to the procurator. He then emphasised that he is going to explain the 3 rules about qualifying for self defence and how I qualify for them and if he is wrong in any way the judge will correct him, he then successfully done so with the judge behind him agreeing so basically telling the jury he believes they shouldn’t find me guilty. And that’s the end of court today.

After I head home and we have family movie night with me my partner and our son, the good dinosaur in the living room all together on the big couch, after that round to my brothers to spend some time together in case I’m held on remand. Now I’m in bed and she’s asleep beside me, she still doesn’t know about this, I’ve told her I write a diary online but she’s not allowed to see it because no one I know is allowed, only strangers that don’t know me.

Right im going for a can of irn-bru from the fridge and going to smoke a joint in bed to help me sleep because I need to relax and get a decent sleep of more than 3 hours.

Peace and love from Scotland.

Ps if I don’t write for a while Canada I’ll probably think of you, that bridge, dragons, snow and a million other things about the girl with the sword and purple hair every single day, thanks for all the chat and advise chick 🐥 👍x.


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