Try try and try again

Im just finished cutting the wee man and his friends hair. Wee man got a trim and his friend got a “Ronaldo” haircut.

I don’t know why but feel uneasy and anxious, like I have too much energy in my body and my brain is going a million miles an hour. My brain is always going overdrive these days. A million thoughts all at once but I can’t single any of them out, if I try and think about something or concentrate on something, I automatically go into something else before I finish what I was thinking. Fuck this is hard to explain.

The new TMNT is out soon, as soon as I saw the advert I instantly thought what Canada thinks about it. She hasn’t wrote about it, i think she is too concerned with other aspects of life to care about anything TMNT. I am almost certain she reads this still going by my stats thing. I hope your doing good mofo, your a huge driving force in my life. I feel like you gave me but never got anything in return, not even a picture, I hate myself for that, I feel like a lier. I’ll do the doodle you said would be acceptable, i owe you that much at least.

Ive started my weight gain drinks again and will start running or something soon, think I’ve put half a stone on and I’ve not been too negative to myself about it. Court starts agin at the end of this month and start of next month for the trial to start, only in the uk can you expect such lengthy court proceedings but it allowed me to be guaranteed the time with my son to start primary school. That was my biggest concern, not being here for him to settle him into school, he went to nursery outside the area so he didn’t know any kids there and it’s one of the most important times of your life.

Well I better finish this up here coz it’s only 9pm and got to go out quickly.

Love from Scotland ✌️


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