The Weight Of The World

In work, radio playing and my brother sits in the front unaware I’m writing. The business isn’t doing good but the whole streets dead, perhaps I haven’t killed the shop completely but I feel and fear that I have.

My son has been acting funny around me, he doesn’t want my attention any more, I left it to see if he would snap out it but he never. The other day I asked him why he doesn’t want me to play with him any more, he went silent then stuttered a little. He says “well remember how mum doesn’t like you anymore?” “I don’t want to be your friend unless mum likes you”. He looked upset about it, he’s been grinding his teeth badly in his sleep too lately.

I don’t know what to do about it so I just said to him I understand and I’ll always do what he wants, I’ve dropped it and said he can always tell me anything and I won’t get upset or angry. I don’t know if I done right or not.

Hes lost a lot of weight over the past year, or he’s grown some and not put any weight on. I can’t stand it so I stressed it with his mum, put it in words she can understand. I told her if he doesn’t change his attitude to food now he will grow up like me, the person she hates and thinks is a skinny unattractive freak, I hope she gets it.

Better stop this now and do something else.


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