The list

Well I’ve started a list, things i feel I need to do. What I need to purchase and where to go.

What my ex should get, any furniture she can use and any money I have and a letter to leave, a nice letter and nothing nasty or bitter.

My clothes to my little big brother, car to my dad. Other stuff for my middle big brother. I don’t know what to do about my leather jacket, i know my middle big brother always loved it but feel my sons mother might also want it if I was to actually not exist any more. She will obviously have full rights to anything of mine she would wish to keep, I still love her so would like to think she might want to keep some of the less significant things.

i have to look up on how suucide affects people’s children and understand this to lessen the impact if it ever happens.

I will continue the list and fine tune it, I will also try and better my writing.


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