The hollows of life

Well it’s 3:18 am, I’ve just had my fix of Canada’s writing and I’m laying in bed. The only sound I hear is my glass of coke fizzing away beside me.

Work has been good in general, kind of. I don’t know in fact, there’s been a lot going on there with my parents giving up the shop and who should get what.

The best thing that’s is my son won his first race at nursery. He was really happy about this and so was I.

Theres not really been anything positive I can write about other than that, just more of the usual shite that life gives.

I’ve started what I need to do for money so that will keep me busy for a while as long as nothing goes wrong with it and it doesn’t go tits up.

Now to Canada, I’m sorry to hear about your dilemma with your brother. Family can be hard work sometimes. I really hope things get better in the house for you soon. Believe me when I say I’ve had the same feelings.

If I could, I would fly across the ocean and bring you to Scotland, do this horror movie night and watch the new poltergeist remake. Hell I would even play with your hair to hep you relax.

Anyway im feeling sick and really need to close my eyes, I hope you are there in my dreams tonight and I’m missing you my beautiful friend.

Love from Scotland x


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