Quick update

So where am I now, on average about 3-4 hours sleep a night.

I’ve got an appetite, kind of. I’ve somehow managed to gain over half a stone in weight.

I’ve still got a couple of serious problems I’m dealing with, I’m struggling with them but hay ho that’s life.

The picture, Im still on this. I can do it if I stop trying so hard, it isn’t supposed to be good it’s supposed to be a gift.

I still think of my superhero friend from across the water every day, bridges and dragons and all things wonderful. It still makes me drift away and daydream in my head about weird and wonderful scenarios.

I miss writing, I want to remember things again. I want to express myself and communicate. I miss this as much as my old family life from before everything changed. I need this again but ive spread myself too thin, something’s going to give soon, it’s got too. I unfortunately am not a superhero and I don’t posses magical abilities so everything will probably fuck up on me like it usually does, another couple of failures I can add to the list.

But no, I must be positive and remember my advice. Too much riding on all this.

Well anyway the day waits, I am strong.

Hope things are good for Canada as well and wish you all the best my friend.

This unicorn is lonely but thanks to a beaver I always have hope.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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