when I Soar High, There Is Just A Bigger A Fall

Well another day, I’m managing but only just.

The bad thoughts are trying there best to consume me, I keep on going tho.

Be stronger, prepare for the worst and keep my head down.

Canada’s advice always echoes in my head, look for the smallest thing, it’s there and it will change my thoughts on life. Something positive is staring me in the face and I’m too short sighted to see it.

My bad habits are back to only eating bad, or not eating at all. I’ve stopped the cutting again but can’t help but think bad things all day and night.

I’m actually beginning to question who’s voice is in my head telling me these things, I’ve always thought it was me, my voice but I’m not sure anymore.

I think it’s the lack of food causing me to lose my ability to think rationally, I hope it’s this anyway.I wish everyone a good day and hope people are doing better than I am. I’ve not forgot about my friends here, in a sad way there the most real friends I have.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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