Spit In The Rain

Its 3:10am and I’m sitting In my exes living room while she sleeps in her bed. The tv is on with the sound down and I’ve been thinking about my answer all day.

Work was not very busy so I’ve had lots of time to think about my favourite animal but its a hard question to answer.

My first family pet and the one we had a few of throughout the years was a dog. A puppy British Bulldog called Baxter, Baxter the bulldog my dad would call him for many years after we got him as a tiny little puppy.

I still remember him running in at a million miles an hour, a complete surprise. He was really a present to my little big brother because he had been diagnosed with a problem with his hip bone and it meant he would be in crutches for a couple of years.

He was called the family pet and we all obviously mucked in with walks and stuff. We would have more dogs over the years, the next one was around 2 or 3 years after we got Baxter my parents decided they would like another and the bought a English bull terrier. This dog was one horrible little bastard, or absolutely fucking mental would be a more correct way of putting it. We got rid because it was a serious risk for attacking one of us, it was brung back 4 times, most of them after 30 mins or so because it was eating the seats of there car or whatever.

Then we had some cats that I really enjoyed having around, cats are really cool and so intelligent. We had hamsters and Guinne pigs, I preferred the Guinne pigs and again they are actually really cool too, lots of character and if I had more than 5% battery I would talk more of owning them along with our cats.

The one animal I really loved was our African Pygmy hedgehog. There tiny enough to fit In the palm of your hand and can learn there name and run after you, nuff said lol.

Then I’ve also been fascinated with aquatic life from a young age too. One of my uncles had a large tank when I was young and when I was really struggling with not seeing my daughter and having to wait months at a time for court dates to come through I took up goldfish, this quickly grew and now I realise that at that part of my life I didn’t have healthy hobbies or habits. Everything was 110% because I couldn’t bare thinking about how my daughter would grow up hating me and not knowing who I actually was. It grew over the years till I was keeping my own coral and knew vast amounts of information on all things aquatic.

So my answer would probably be the hedgehog because I always loved hedgehogs growing up then having a pet dwarf one was just awesome on so many levels. But then this leaves me the problem of not even mentioning octopuses or iguanas or a million and one other animals that just awesome too lol.

Next is my favourite colour. I love white, I don’t know why but I’ve always loved it as long as I can remember, also gold. Blue and red were my favourite normal colours that I would ask my bedroom walls and bedsheets and stuff to be. I like black too, I only wear black jeans and mostly black or white tops to work. My favourite hooded zipper was probably my shiny gold Barcelona F C top. I took stupid levels of care over that thing lol.

But what one will I pick and again there’s so many other beautiful colours I think most people can change there minds about that on a weekly basis. I will be wild and say Red, like a candy apple red, very vibrant.

I just want to say you had the best answer ever for socks, you are right and they are pretty cool. I always wanted a pair of the ones like gloves for your feet with little toes in them, I think I’ve had a pair but not sure.

My next question I think sounds kind of stupid but here goes. Do you like the rain?.

My answer is I love the rain, sometimes it depresses me but mostly I just love it. It’s awesome and I love driving in it, being warm and dry and travelling while you see others getting so wet and cold. I used to love walking in it all the time, I would sometimes just go for a walk in downpours when I was feeling sad. I would like to do that again, but I would be too scared of people asking me why I’m walking when I have a car. But I love how if I want I can just nip to the shops and it can be pouring outside but I’m there listening to music with window wipers keeping my vision perfectly clear.

Well I really need to try and sleep now, it’s exactly 4am 😨 and I’ve work tomorrow.

Night night everyone

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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