The Missing Scotsman

So we’re do I start, I am late for work so this is really just a catchup for my friend just now, Hiiiiii Canada πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹, glad to hear you have been being productive and having a good day yesterday.

so where has the missing Scotsman been and why has my writing been reduced, unfortunately the reason is drama from every angle.

My brother has been fighting with someone so me and my friend went down TMNT style, the offending party was not too amused and didn’t like being verbally abused and threatened by someone half his size. My friend I took down made quite the impression on him and we gave the prick a little warning. My brother was very happy that we were there in 5 mins to help him but also a bit embarrassed that he has to phone for help with these types of problems, I am glad to do that type of stuff for him tho, makes me feel like I’m repaying my brothers for protecting me when I was younger.

Things with my ex are still unsure, the whole situation still brings me down to the point of constant suicidal thoughts, I hate writing things like that but its true and I like too keep here honest.

My superhero still lifts me up and makes my troubles look like little specks of dust, insignificant and almost imaginary. I still read your writing with enthusiasm and joy, the best way to put it into words is I Love it. Everything about it. So much so that I’m racked with guilt for not keeping up with my posts as its my form of communication with you. Big love your way my beautiful friend, I’ve thought about you lots and lots, I loved your answers on what you done for holidays, it’s what I done too and means if we went to school together I would have had at least one friend for holiday times.

well im late late for work so better run like fuck.

my note to my superhero, I’m here and not going to vanish, I hope you have another great day and I like the sound of your art gallery project for class, pics would be awesome πŸ‘.

Love from Scotland πŸ‘βœŒοΈx


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