The one with no title

So today has been ok, work went without any major problems, I never ate during the day but ate a little tonight. Everything has been good except for with my parents, I will talk about that soon I think. After work I went to my middle big brothers and drank wine, he has been taking Valium so was what I would call bouncing, usually he is a pain in the arse when he takes things like that but tonight he was actually just pretty funny, or no I think I was just laughing at him being a dick taking things like that. Usually I would not entertain him at these times but it must have been the wine made me overlook it. I told him he should stop it tho and that I won’t allow any one i know to sell him them, I don’t like that but because it means he will just go more shady places to get them. I acrually asked my brother my question, he announces “Go to India” like it some kind of correct answer I have to use in someway. I think this would actually be an acceptable answer for someone who isn’t exactly all there at this moment in time. So I’m now drunk and staying with my ex, or whatever we are to each other. I say drunk but I’ve only had 3 glasses of wine but I don’t drink much because I have pancreatitis and it really doesn’t like alcohol, so yeah I’m a bit drunk, not tipsy but actually a little drunk lol. Total lightweight. So to my question, there is one thing I’ve always wanted to do since I was little and that’s play the guitar. My dad plays it and was in a pretty successful band when he was younger, most of my friends dads could never believe that it was my dad and it made me feel so happy they all head his music. I don’t know why I never learned but its still something I hope to try and learn one day. The other answer could have been boxing as it was the one thing I was really good at, k always think back and wonder what if?. Now my question to you, name 3 things you think of when you think of me. My answer is snow, lots and lots of snow. The colour purple. And this is going to sound corny but a beautiful blonde girl, sorry for probably spoiling it with the last one. Hope everyone sleeps well and nite nite blondie from across the ocean. Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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