Where Did All The Fishes Go

Well I have been busy trying to make up some lost time with my son and daughter over the weekend and past few days. Yesterday we took my son bowling for the first time, he was hyper and very excited about it, he also won without us letting him but he had the bumper lanes up and me and his mum could hardly hit a pin most of the day.

They also had lots of arcade machines and games like air hockey, his face was like Christmas morning. The bowling also had an American themed food restaurant so my son got a huge hot dog and ice cream, his mum got a hot dog with different ice cream and I got a burger with waffles and ice cream with hot toffee sauce for after. It was a great day and I’m glad he has a good memory to tell his friends and teachers in nursery.

My daughter went to the Sam Smith concert, she got extra pocket money to buy herself a new outfit and the ticket, she said it was great fun so over all everyone has at least one more day they will remember as a good day, a good memory they might pull out the closet some time randomly and be full of joy as they think it over.

Well time for my friend, I apologise for the wait, I again struggled with this question but for totally different reasons, te last question was hard because I struggle with being happy with myself but this question was just difficult to decide on the answers because there are so many I have to leave out, nature in general is pretty beatiful and totally awesome.

So the question was 3 things in nature I find most beautiful. Here goes.

1 – The ocean in general, a bit vague I know but  I love the water and how vast it is but also love all the creatures that live in the water as well, I was a very keen freshwater and saltwater fish keeper and its a hobby I hope to resume soon. I also love the thought that the ocean beds hold so much forgotten history just waiting there for us to find and examine.

2 – Space I think, again vague but with the definition of nature I think I can get away with it. Again something that really interests me, I used to have a telescope and I could look at the moon and stuff for hours, I used to take my daughter out at night in the back garden with the telescope all set up, I would show her some random stuff depending on the clouds. I have always loved science fiction and the sky at night tv  program when I was a kid was a huge thing. I suppose I love everything unexplained and mysterious.

3 – this is where I’m stuck, the first two were easy even if a bit vague. Perhaps human evolution or something. I love the way that over time humans have spread to every corner of the globe and in modern times like this 2 people can become friends from a million miles away. Does this count, I feel like it’s not a proper answer. I love landscapes, I love the Reds and blues amongst the green and all the texture from a beautiful landscape. I used to do aquascaping and loved replicating huge landscapes on a tiny scale. Using aquatic plants and making the water so clear it was like the fish are flying above the trees, just floating there in what looks like air.

I hope my answers are acceptable.

So now to my question. In this post I have mentioned lost hobbies, things I have done and somehow stopped even tho I still love the subject or activities. I was supposed to turn professional at boxing when I was 16, another thing I look back on and wonder what life could have been if I never changed paths.

My question to you is,

Name one thing like a hobbie you regret giving up.

I hope everyone has a great day, and sorry it took so long my blonde superhero friend I hope you have been well and I missed your daily updates, I hope you have a extra special day.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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