The Question I Forgot

Well today I was over the moon that my friend across the ocean was happy with my answers, I struggled so hard with it, like you wouldn’t believe. I honestly was close to saying there isn’t a single thing I love about myself, I still feel all the answers were a cop out except for me being a nice person, perhaps the eyes too but they aren’t anything special. I really wanted to say my abs but didn’t want to sound vain and again at this precise moment I hate them too because I’ve not been eating good for long enough that I’m losing a lot of bulk now. So couldn’t say that.

So I struggled so hard that i forgot to ask another question, I actually feel really really bad about this. So bad that I tried to reply to your post this morning and apologise while commenting ok your writing, I loved it as usual and thank you. Anyway my iPhone keeps crashing on WordPress and then it will delete anything I was doing when it happens. So I tried 3 times to reply and each time it crashes mid way through, I think I should download the app and stop using the website on safari. I’m way too stubborn tho lol. I really am surprised you know what a spectrum zx is, they were awesome so was the Atari ST, so many good games even back in the 80s lol.

If i waited all that time for a GameCube and didn’t get it I would have been totally gutted, it’s totally the kind of thing that would have happened to me. It was years and years before I finally got a memory card for a PS1, having to restart my favourite games over and over from the beginning.

Old Skool TVs, red blue and green dots, static and magnets fucking the screens, wow that takes me back. I used to put water droplets on the screen to magnify the dots and would look at them for ages. I also used to put big speakers beside the tv and it would pull all the colour towards the sides.

The thought of living somewhere for 20 plus years is like heaven to me.

So your eyes have long eyelashes and long legs with mousy brown/ blonde hair.!sounds stunning.

Something I believed as a kid but was too embarrassed to tell, right ok I’ve got this one. There are lots but the one that I choose is that when I lived in the bungalow I wrote about before I used to really believe that if I went to sleep with my arms outside my covers Freddy Kruger would chop them off, I’ve never told anyone that before, it doesn’t embarrass me now but it did then because I knew my mum and dad wouldn’t take me seriously and possibly laugh at the idea. It just sounds silly to me now, not embarrassing.

What you say about your voice being taken away is kind of beautiful in a way and it is very special to me that you have chose to share it with me, thank you. Your comment on the elves made me laugh and I’ve seen the film darkness falls, it’s funny that I remember the film as being pretty good but can easily believe that it’s not aged very well.

So to the question, I can’t think of one that’s fitting, what will I ask, what shall my one wish be for tonight, or today since it’s 2:17am. I know what I want to ask for tonight, I’ve thought about this a few times but never said before.

My question is Have you ever told anyone about your new friend called Scotland?

Well off to bed to try and get some sleep now tho I know that won’t happen till at least another hour or two.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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