And I Thought Life Was Hard

Wow today has been nothing short of amazing today. I woke up and happy to hear my friend from across the ocean is happy with my question, this in turn makes me happy. I read the answer with similar excitement a young child has on Christmas eve, I love this stuff and I’m glad I am getting to know you.

My fondest memory, hmmmm this is soooo hard but not as hard as your next question. I have struggled with these all day and it’s now 2:32am, and I still don’t have a single answer for the next question after this.

For my own personal fondest memory it’s been hard to pick one, I’ve just changed my mind. All day it’s been the Xmas I got a NES computer console with TMNT I think it was 88 but not sure. My fondest memory tho is. Fuck don’t know. Hard hard hard. It’s the house. Its got to be the house, I don’t care if it’s where I got my secret i won’t let that person destroy the happiest time of my life.

I move house a lot. The longest I’ve ever lived in one house was for 4 years and it’s where I remember watching bed knobs and broomsticks. It was a bungalo with what in the UK is considered a large garden. I shared a room with my little big brother for most of my time there. I think I was 5 when I moved in and 9 when I moved out. It was when I remember everything being what people whould call dream family life, nice house good money and nothing but love in the house. I played with my WWF figures in the garden, and GI Joe fugures too. There was a small hiding spot in the back garden, a big tree at the side of the house you could climb on. I got my first air pistol and my first good BMX, unfortunately it was stole in under a month when I left it unattended for too long. I got into big trouble for losing that bike from my mum and dad, I still don’t get why someone who had been stole from would be the one being punished. Anyway there was a stretch of grass with a stream and small forests across the road. The endless fun I used to have collecting crab apples and making small fish traps to collect fish then set them free. My little big brothers friend was allowed to build a skateboard ramp in his back garden ome summer and huge groups of them used to skate there, I was often allowed to sit and watch tem with such envy as i couldn’t skate on a ramp yet.

The attic of the house, I remember my dad taking me up with him and us finding the previous owners things, boxes of what was like treasure from a ancient time to me.

The computers, a spectrum zx, YouTube it. I still hold a soft spot for that console in my heart, the Rambo game and so many others. And the Rambo film, I remember watching it when I was young like wow what the fuck is that, I wanna be robocoo. So many great films for the first time in that house. Me my mum dad and usually one of my brothers would all sit in the living room and watch films on another thing you probably haven’t heard of called a VHS cassette tape. Movies on tape, 80s rocks man. Opening a video box only to find you have to rewind the tape back to that start for the next 7 and a half minutes before you can actually start to watch it. Movies like Rambo, robocop, batman, predator, commando, all Bruce lee films and lots of zombie horror. I love horror and without doubt it’s because of movie nights in this house. Jason and freddy Kruger were staples but so many more too. I loved the kitchen and playing with our British bulldog, Baxter the bulldog we would call him. So many happy memory’s but more than anything it is the last place I stayed that felt like home, a real home. I want to be able to call somewhere a home again.

Well that has been awesome, so many small things relived for……. Wow over 30 mins I’ve been typing this now. Sweet lol. So my fondest memory is of the time I lived at that house and had so much innocent fun, like running around barefoot on the hot concrete paths and wet grass.

My next question, 3 things I love about myself, I’m afraid I’m going to have to just make do with stuff for this answer 😔. I’ve been thinking long and hard all day on this and this has been by far the hardest, it’s another question I just can’t seem to answer. I kind of like my eyes, they are blue and nice. I would say kind of symmetrical. I need glasses but never wear them.

So no1 My eyes.

Next I would say I like that I am loyal to those who are kind to me or deserving of it and even those that just downright don’t deserve it. I will do anything possible to help these people and always put there needs or wants first. I like that about myself because I really wish more people were like that towards me.

So no 2 I like that I am loyal and the fact I can honestly say I am a nice person.

No 3 that I’m open to try anything at least once, I will try different movies and stuff. That’s a crap answer but I just don’t have anything else.

God I’m so sorry my answers crap, I hope you are happy with my fondest memory. Thank you for this my superhero friend I hope you enjoy.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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