The Game Begins

Well I feel in a better place for just now and have been thinking all day about Canada 👋👋. I have been thinking about if we had a question answer game would it be better to ask 1 question per post or 3 questions per post. I want to know more about you but feel 3 questions would shorten the lifespan of the game through learning too much too soon?.

Anyway let’s start with 1 question, what tho. What do I really really want to know about. What would I dare ask a superhero. This is hard.

I suppose it’s got to be something simple like what is your fondest memory?

I will wonder what my superhero with the blonde and purple hair thinks of my stupid game.

Well it’s 3:02am and I feel surprisingly positive and tired so it’s time for those rave dancing sheep again.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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