The Strength From Far Away

Today I will remind myself that there is strength In continuance. The thought of someone far away makes me want to wade through life for at least another day. I never said before but I really thought about watching TMNT with you in the cinema, I laughed at a lot of it and wondered if you would have laughed at the same scenes. I wonder so much about my superhero I’m actually a little terrified I freak her out.

Anyway I am going to battle life again, find the good and make it multiply again, and I will think of Canada a lot today. Random things I want to know but to scared to ask.

I think I would like to play a question and answer game with you, a way to get to know more about the little things that make you who you are. Or perhaps I just want you to ask me questions about myself so I don’t ask you any uncomfortable questions and overstep the line of friendship.

Anyway back to mundane reality I would rather forget.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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