Unhappy Chappy

Well I’ve not been feeling up to writing anything, no matter what I do I just can’t seem to find anything to stop the crappy thoughts going through my head.

After my last post I watched the new TMNT film, I was thoroughly impressed. I am glad I watched it. I thought about Canada watching it in the cinema, would she have had dark hair or was it blonde by the time she went to the pictures to see it. These are the good thoughts that go through my brain but the past couple days they don’t last longer than a couple minutes till the negative thoughts win and take control.

This is hard, I don’t like it and want to sleep. it’s like life is teasing me, I struggle just to end up with less than before and be in a worse place for it, so why bother even try and struggle. Right now I just want to give up.

Fingers crossed something good happens soon for me or at least for my kids, I hold them back enough without life being shit to them as well.

Note to self, don’t eat don’t speak and don’t ask for anything.


2 thoughts on “Unhappy Chappy

  1. My hair was dark then. But not as dark…like, um it was just dirty blonde then. I’m naturally blonde but it’s been dyed lighter. It was almost white when I was little now it’s just back to the whiteness I guess!
    Your note to self should be “it takes the dust to have it polished” or I like “there’s strength in continuance” as well. I keep that one on my desktop, so I have to see it everyday.
    Hope you feel better!!

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