Happy Smiley Faces

Today i woke up and was touched by my beautiful superhero, there are not many people in the world with there own personal superhero but mine takes me flying away from the world around me and makes everything look so small and easy to solve, to win even.

I woke up made coffee and read a blog. It made me happy and left me positive, today has been easy. I have thought about saving a superhero, the bridge, movies, snow painting and lots more. Work was good, good atmosphere and productive day for everyone.

I am now getting ready to head down to my ex and meet my friends there, I don’t know how I feel about this, sometimes I think I’m glad they are friends because then she won’t feel like she has nobody and then she is less likely to hang around with idiots, other times I hate it. Anyway it’s happening and seems out of my control.

My son and daughter are staying with there granny and grandad tonight. So things are good with them.

I’m just putting off stuff now I need done before I go out so better go, no work tomorrow tho so tonight I don’t need to stress out about what time I fall asleep, I can write to my own personal superhero and possibly fill in some more blanks for her.

love from Scotland 👍✌️X


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