Under The Cobwebs Lies A beautiful Princess

It’s only 7:25 pm and work was ok, I managed even tho I had mostly negative thoughts going through my head. Today has been a bad day and I think I have successfully destroyed any chance of things being normal with me and my ex partner. I am, well I will say sad but I’m much worse than that but don’t want to be too negative in my post, but things are bad. There are only a few things that motivate me and keep me positive these day and my favourite is catching up with what my beautiful superhero friend has been doing or finding out what memories she would like to reminisce about.

Today when I got my fix of her writing, I was sad to see she has been having a bad day too. I was sad to see she is down and feels alone, I want to touch her again. I want to tell her it’s ok and the bad days just have to come every now and again, they just have to, shite but true for my life anyway. she says she cried in the car on her drive home, something I’m all too familiar with in recent times.

I write this to her in case she visits again soon, I hope it makes her smile and bury her head in the pillow with joy.

You are here right now, you are beautiful and strong. You are my glowing blonde and purple haired superhero with the million mile hugs across the ocean.

You say you were saved, oh how I wonder what thing or mortal being saved a superhero. I will ponder on this like the bridge or what series of TMNT you were watching.

The face under the vail of purple tinged cobwebs is like a single star at night. The most beautiful thing my eyes see for millions of miles. I pull the sheet of web off you to reveal a beautiful princess with magical powers and glowing hair. A superhero, the stuff of myth and legend and beauty like no other.

I listen about dragons and watch her paint the snow with graffiti dicks, big epic ones. Then she paints a unicorn running free and it’s playing with a beaver. Then she simply writes the word fart at the end. Superhero language for be positive and have a nice day, turns out princesses swear a lot too, this I find awesome with a capital A.

So I stand here beside you and ask you to never let go, be there for the weak and slay the demons with your master sword. Stand by my side and never leave without saying goodbye.

Love from Scotland x


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