Zombies Never Sleep

Well it’s 3:13am, I feel like a zombie. I am nearly ready to go to bed and wake up, funny how that works lol.

Tonight I fitted the curtain rail for my ex, I think it sounded like I grudge doing it in my earlier post, I don’t im glad she lets me do things to help make me feel like I contribute more for my son, it’s a dads job to do things like that, well not really but it’s the kind of thing I feel like it should be me doing and not my ex or some other guy. The curtain rail is for my sons new batman curtains, there pretty awesome. He has Lego batman bedsheets and batman curtains. Everything he has Is batman, ninja turtles and superman.

I remember when the first batman movie was released, it was such a dark movie, almost scary. Robocop was amazing too, I remember drawing batman signs and robocop pictures everywhere. And 2000ad comics, judge dredd was another big thing back then, my middle big brother got them all the time and I would get to look through them when he was done.

I miss the simplicity of life as a child, I wonder if being dead is that simple. Lots of people wish for an after life, a ray of hope for when they are gone or someone dear to them is gone. This sounds like life to me and that’s not what I want when I die. I want it to be like when I’m sleeping and can’t remember my dreams, the nothingness.

So to my beautiful blonde and purple haired superhero. I wonder what driving along a 8 mile bridge over icy waters is like in the winter, I think it would be beautiful to drive over in the dark. I want to be in the middle and look out into the water. You showed 2 pictures of your favourite bit of your island, one showed a awesome looking lighthouse in the back ground. I often wonder if I lived in Canada if you would be my friend, like If we went to the same class or something. Or even just meeting for tea and coffee. I would love to knock the cobwebs off your hand. I hope you don’t mind me saying this. I think about you and your island a lot. I hope you are well my beautiful friend, I hope I meet you in my dreams some time, that would be amazing.

Well I suppose I better go lie down now and count sheep till they torment me and start rave dancing around there fence with Glo sticks while wearing dust masks, I hate those fucking crazy sheep. And be a zombie that never sleeps.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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