Million Mile Hugs

I am sitting in bed, I can hear talking downstairs, the wind blowing outside, my radiator creaks and a humming noise from somewhere.

Today when I woke up I read my superhero friends blog, I see my new nickname being mentioned and fall into an incredible high of emotion. Its a hug from a million miles away and one I might not deserve but dearly needed. She likes how I call her my superhero but I think it makes her blush, I suppose I actually hope it makes her blush a little because it will mean I’ve touched her heart in some way. She calls me brave, she imagines sparkling eyes and talks about my experiences. She offers me advice that I am grateful for and reminds me what to try and be in life, an unchained unicorn or ninja turtle, I feel only the two of us will get this 😊. It is like a million mile hug. A real hug from the other side of the ocean, only real superheroes posses such abilities. I feel lucky to have stumbled across her and special that I was not shunned away.

There was drama in the shop, something got broken but not a problem today, nothing but laughter and jokes about it. I ate a wrap for lunch, I don’t think I had a breakfast but can’t remember. So had lunch and then dinner after work, mince and totties or mince and potato in other words lol. I will try and make a mass gain later on too.

I’m now running late for going out to see my ex and fit a curtain pole for her, coz I’m fucking Bob the builder obviously. Well I’m not fucking Bob the builder coz that would just be wrong on so many different levels lol, what I mean to say is I am Bob the builder and i don’t fuck anybody called Bob, now that’s that cleared up beyond any question of a doubt I can move on.

I better go now but it’s Saturday so I can write tonight without worrying about the time and drift off to old memories or far away places.

Keep well, especially you my blonde and purple haired superhero

Love from Scotland x


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