A Unicorn And The Beaver

Well it’s 8:15pm, to start I have to backtrack to last night. After I wrote my blog I received a message from my ex asking me to come visit her, it was her way of saying she understands what I’m doing and she will still be there and not allow me to destroy what little hope there is for us, not yet anyway. So this settled me a little and she knew seeing my son sleeping in his bed would bring me back to a happier place.

Around 4am I still couldn’t sleep so decided to check WordPress for something to read, much to my delight I found I had been going through the thoughts of someone from a far away land. Someone I admire dearly so you can imagine the smile on my face, I read her blog with unnatural levels of excitement and glee, and there are questions there, aimed at me. Things like sweet, fucking awesome, I can’t believe she’s talking about me and my writing made her smile go through my brain, wow. Just wow.

So my beautiful blonde and purple haired superhero friend let me start by saying “Hi, thank you for taking the time to think of me and read things I write, my diary so to speak. I am glad you have became part of it, love from Daryn x”

You made me very happy by saying I have ninja turtle brothers, it made me smile and laugh and you know what, it’s kind of true lol. I also laughed and thought hard about what the worst hand me downs your poor brother must have got having nothing but sisters, this really did amuse me. You have not been rude calling me Scotland and it would be a cool nickname for you to have started, one I would be very happy with. And about the unicorn, I think it’s because Scotland loves myths and used the unicorn just because it’s cool, we’ll probably not just because it’s cool but it’s something I want to look up on lol. Another cool thing about our symbol of the unicorn is it always has to be chained because a wild unicorn is seen as a dangerous beast.

I have enjoyed this immensely and hope to hear back from you soon, I am glad I am someone with who you share your voice. Hope things are well my blonde and purple haired superhero.

Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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