Not One Bit Ashamed

Not made work yet, I’m still sitting listening to music, KC Rules OK, Not one bit ashamed. Sums up my experiences with my ex, she was always there for me and somehow it turned into some half hearted crappy relationship. He also does a cover of nothing compares to you, sad songs for sad people hahaha. I feel strangely content, almost happy, fuck I think I am happy. In fact I have enough happiness and positive thoughts about me to send some to Canada and share it with other people, they deserve happiness. For the next few hours I will conquer the world, I will eat and enjoy, I will draw a tiny sword on my arm in secret and destroy anything that dare come in my way, I will actually do this in the hope it helps someone smile. Coz I’m quirky like that, in private I mean, no one will know I’ve actually done it, except from anyone here of course lol. Well I better start getting ready now I’m motivated, had my morning read of distant lands and got another clue for the riddle, thanks for that by the way, I’m having fun with my research on Canadian bridges hahaha Hope you all have a great day and stay positive. Love from Scotland 👍✌️x


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