Camera obscura

Well it’s 2:42am can’t sleep, images and thoughts go through my mind, the usual crappy shitty stuff.

Ate a little bit of a subway, couldn’t finish it though and feel sick. Still feel sick now.

I feel I’ve forgot something really important, it’s bugging me as I lay in bed

My eyes seem to be getting worse, I can’t make out my tv anymore and I’m sure I could last year. I’ll have to try and get the money to go to opticians.

Money, yeah right there’s much more important things my money will have to go to before I can go to the opticians, might as well be real and just say I’m not going to be going to the opticians anytime in this lifetime.

I don’t like writing this, feel shite, want to sleep and not wake up. Want to die, hate myself. Feel sick. Sorry for writing this crap, bye.


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