Title, what title

So where am I now, I’ve been good to myself I suppose. Been eating, kind of, good enough for just now.

Excessive exorcise, I’ve took skin off above my bum cheeks doing too many sit-ups, sore chest and shoulders from doing too many push ups. Sore all over but must keep going, have to do it every night, have to.

Sleep, 4 hours a night average, no that can’t be fucking right. I think it is tho 😕

Positive things, right here goes. Seen my son, he’s happy and his speach is better, he developed a kind of stutter during me and his mum breaking up. It’s my fault it happened, I should never have argued with his mum about stuff, I should have just walked away. The breakup got dragged out far too long and it affected the kids but there starting to get over everything now.

I’ve been watching some anime, I haven’t watched any since before my son was born nearly 4 years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Been reading someone’s blogs, I managed to read them from start to finish so now its a kind of pain in the arse because I have to wait for her to post something before I can have my fix of reading 😂. The blog leaves me with more questions than answers though, I don’t think they realise how amazing and interesting there experiences through life are.

Im running out of both time and thoughts on what I feel I need to get out of me, or something like that.

Chin up and goodbye 👍👋👋👋


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