Late Night Ramblings

It’s 3:15am and I’m not tired as usual, tonight I find myself pondering over a blog I read earlier by someone I follow called tinyhiccup, I love her writing, it distracts me and makes me wish i was young again.

Today I have found myself obsessing over a question about a young girl half the world away, a question about a young girl and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You see I LOVE 👌👍😁😊😊😊 TMNT, I was a kid when they were first released and I’ve held a secret love for most things from my childhood, like most here I have a real problem with change and letting go lol. So today I was glad to read her new blog about all sorts of beautiful randomness and was kind of shocked and happy to hear she is watching TMNT, but she never said what series of the cartoon it is, I’m guessing it’s the newest remake of it but secretly wish it was the original 90s cartoon 😂. I’ve found myself thinking what series it is she’s watching at least a dozen times, surely being 33 this is not a normal thing to think about. I’m sooo happy about the remake of the film and rebooting the cartoon series again but absolutely nobody knows I am, I can’t believe my son likes it, he’s TMNT daft and I always show him 80s-90s cartoons on you tube and he’s like what’s this crap dad. Now I’m thinking tho it’s been a while since he and his mother left so perhaps he no longer likes them, that thought saddens me. I miss them, miss the old times, i really want to cry thinking about it so I’ll try not to, it will only direct my writing to more depressing things.

I want to be young again, really young before everything changed. Anyway I’m going to lay here and wonder what bloody TMNT it is she’s watching coz I’m way to scared to ever ask, and remember what it was like to play with my figures and watch the original cartoon series with the biggest smile ever on my face over 20 years ago.

Thank you to any blogger who has ever said anything encouraging, positive or thoughtful to me, it is really much appreciated.


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