Today Was A Good Day

Well I was sound asleep last night for just after 2am and no nightmares or sweats, didn’t wake up till after 1pm😱.

Think I needed it, woke up today and haven’t had negatives thoughts all day, well hardly any, just once or twice.

I’ve had a mass gain shake and little bit of food, will have another soon with some more food, my stomach is killing me for it tho 😭 but my brain isn’t telling me not to eat either.

Have been out with my father to B&Q, loved it, reminds me of being a kid again and going there with my mum and dad. God that was sooo long ago, back in the 80s, awesome 😎.

Spoke to my ex today, and my little boy aged 3. She sounded really happy, not surprised really😔. The conversation was good tho, pleasant and she asked me for help with something which really means something to me because I know we’re getting more distant as the days go on, pretty soon the only thing left to tie her to me is my son, fuck how I miss her, makes me want to cry tho so that’s the last on that lol.

Now it’s getting late, closer to being on my own and I’m hoping my mood stays the same, not really happy but a hell of a lot more, I don’t know, level perhaps 😐. I would love another good night sleep for work tomorrow, the thought of walking in and everyone looking at me is making me cringe.

Hope there’s something good on tv to keep me distracted lol.


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